Unwrap - is a process of rolling out a texture.
Here we will expand our thoughts about the industry of the CG and life in general.
Mom and Dad
A client is a dad, a designer is a mother, the result is a baby. Without sex, you know, nothing happens. To have a result, obviously, it takes two. If the couple breaks up, both will jerk off all alone.
Any design is a product of a collaborative work between a client and a designer, where each plays their indispensable role
Payment in advance
One day a customer told me that taking a payment in advance is a money borrowing. And, as though, it is wrong, and all that crappy stuff, you know. 
We explain: products that are made in our creative field ain’t those of conveyor production. Each work is unique and  done for a particular client. In other words, roughly speaking, a watch with "John Doe" engraved doesn’t givea  fuck for Peter Sidorov. Accordingly, if an act of God happens, a sort of scam or anything of a client, the job and your time might turn out to be just useless and needless. Therefore, a payment in advance is necessary, so anyone who wants to work without any guaranteeis supposed to be sent to a far-away erotic journey
Sometimes during the delivery of the project a client randomly asks:

- "Could you give me the sources please?"
- "*% #? Sorry, but we don’t!"

Sources often cost as much as the project does. This is a loss of profit: why should one contact the authors of this project next time if one has already all the source materials ?

1. Sources materials of the project are not included in the project cost
2. If a client still insists on getting the sources – he or she have to cover any loss of profits
Each wireframe's team member has the right to have a holiday on holidays. Especially if the deadline of the project is scuttled by a client
Clients that would like to make  apostpayment during several months after should be offered a mirror situation. A client pays 100% of the amount now, and you start working in a month or two, when you have a free time. Customer will have to keep asking about whether the work is launched, worrying about whether the work will be done at all. Looking in the mirror has a sobering effect
Ask your customers about everything. Ask many, many, many questions till every detail of the project becomes clear. Unasked questions in time may cost a lot of time and money
Don't like
Do not take up a work that you do not like. You’d better spent your spare time inimproving your skills in a field of your preference, even for free. In the nearest future this approach will pay off and you will not need to take up an uninteresting work
Just in Time
If an artist does not have time to do a work in due time - a task is withdrawn and given to another worker. If a work is not commented on time by a client, it is automatically deemed to be accepted. Long live the justice!
There’s a lot of "caramel-designers" in Russia - 2d and 3d designers who make candy pictures. Well, they also make a candy from shit: all sites like freelance.ru and revision.ru are packed with them. You won’t find anything of the kind in such quantity in Europe and the USA . They are found in India, Ukraine, Romania, and all those countries, you understand. You know what I'm getting at? Yeah - the more it’s fucked up around, the greater there’s a need for "Caramel". Just life observation and all
Those having the word
If a client makes the decision together with other persons, the price should increase in proportion with the number of bosses
About a quick death of mocap studios
Studios, which are taking up a mocap only, are subject to a quick death, as we predict. The technologies of a fast and cheap motion capture are being  improved with each passing month. Of course, making motion capture from a casual video is difficult yet and in some cases almost impossible, but progress does not stand still. Well, appearing of Kinect for the Xbox should be the last call for the "invaders". Soon some do-it-yourselfers  will write a plugin for 3DMax and others alike (if not already written) and the mocap studio might become yours for just $250
A polite refusal
Sometimes you have to decline big projects, and even from important customers, on the whole. It is obvious, but many do not understand this at all. Here's what David Ogilvy wrote about:
"Your order would make a half of the annual turnover of our company. That’s why it would be difficult to ensure you with the objectivity of our recommendations."
It was addressed to Henry Ford in response to a commercial campaign Edsel car. If Ogilvy decided to work with the Ford, Ogilvy's agency would cease to exist, as it happened with the automobile marque