Unwrap - is a process of rolling out a texture.
Here we will expand our thoughts about the industry of the CG and life in general.
What would happen if the client was always right in the hospitals?
Trust proffecionals if you have chosen them
Agency said that cliet not able to watch animatics?
Very tough proect is wating you with many surprises in the end.) 
Hourly payment
In many cases payment for the employees (especially remote ones) estimated by hours is an evil. You can not 100% control what exactly those people did in this N hours. And if you want to stand behind him and somehow control the work you will simply irritate the specialist and reduce the quality of work.
The payment for the result is the one and best
Urgent help
If client asks help out with a very urgent job of course we must try to do it - everything could happen.
But such kind of work should be payed very urgently
Postpayment market
We operate in the market where crazy postpaid rules and those who agreed to this conditions are guilty
Sometimes, it is important to know not what customers really like, but what they categorically does not like. In such cases it is necessary to seek antireferens - is very helpful to understand the complecated inner world
Ecxlamation mark inflation
Dear producers, managers and other managing staff!!! 
The more you put exclamation and question marks with the reason and without, the less they matter!!! 
Do not you see it????!! 

Here in this place these signs are already worth nothing, the reader ceases to perceive them and there are doubts about the mental health of the opponent. 
Use only one exclamation mark to show the importance and urgency of your message. 
That's it!
Only one link must always be between the customer and the performer. That is, communication takes place between two people on both sides. Discussion can have a lot of people who can decide, their opinions should be aggregated and go through the one channel to avoid confusion, and less time on communication
Prohibited to show
If for some reason it's prohibited to put the completed work in a portfolio – it should cost more for a client. It’s all damn simple here: an artist needs an ad that’s a pretty good work. A creative person looks forward to satisfying his or her ambitions like through the public reaction, you know that. It’s gonna have to make much more efforts to do a “secret” work well, ‘cause nobody wants to do a chef-d-oeuvre of unknown author. That is exactly what requires some financial compensation, especially under high requests in quality
Bristol scale
The most difficult thing is to work with a client who can not think in terms of "beautiful" and  "ugly", while he makes it out well in the gradations of ugliness that come from his/her own comments.
The Bristol stool scale can be helpful to understand what a client really wants in this situation
In Japan, there is a rule: if a manager is waiting for a decision from a boss and can not get him on the phone for a long time, he has the right to decide by himself, though  the boss will be responsible for it.
That's wonderful
Contract & specification
Never sign a contract if a technical task is not included in. If you miss this point, the client may fuck you to his full satisfaction