Here, from time to time will appear news concerning us in particular and the world of creativity in general.
Made tons of content about russian modern airplanes
1st creative
Enjoy our first creative reel
NFT Robots
Breaking news: robots fight for NFT tokens
Сonstellations cartoon
We made from scatch a video for My Michelle band: check out latest projects 
Our videos at KINO concerts
2021 reel
Our fresh reel has ready, enjoy!
Jurassic Ocean
Come to the Oceanarium! Here you can see the ancient underwater monsters created by us for the Ocean of the Jurassic exhibition
KINO at Evening Urgant TV Show
KINO band has presented song with our video at Evening Urgant TV Show
We are pleased to inform you that we are working on CG for the upcoming KINO concert 
Reel 2020
Fresh reel has released, enjoy!
3000 followers on Behance and another Motion badge
Two stands for Lukoil and MIR with our content on st. Peterburg International
Economic Forum