Unwrap - is a process of rolling out a texture.
Here we will expand our thoughts about the industry of the CG and life in general.
Two days
Dear customers, those who want to make a 3D-graphics in 2 days!
It's impossible.
If this is more or less a serious project (not just a  render of the extruded logo), a chain of a client , a brand-manager, an account-agency, an art director, a production is not flexible enough to do something normal in such a short deadline.
2 days work can be done if the main boss of a client and an art director would take sits on either sides of a performer, would properly advise, bring a tea and put a quiet music. Otherwise, the project wouldtake more time, a weekat least, and the quality of the result might be below the average or even worse. There might be nerves, excuses, and other shit you know
to Sum it up: if an agency asks you to do something in 2 days - refuse. Or ask a week, whatever they would weave about giving it to printing, the failure of an advertising campaign, and all that crap. Anyway, the project will last for a week
Computer graphics books
Computer graphics bookssuck, it's an apotheosis of futility and a rudiment. They are about to disappear soon. Hard to finish reading a graphics book till  the end - so theyare gathering dust on the shelves. Why? Because there are lessons online, and then some video lectures. That'sreally cool. It’s the most  proper format for learning, especially videos are. The first imageIn the book by Maya at the 200th page isa kettle drawn. So, do you need to read 200 pages todraw a teapot?
Computer graphics books will soon die.
Meantime  books on composition, color theory and other basisare forever.
Technical Task
A task properly prepared increases the quality of the work in a few times and significantly reduces the time of execution. This is the first and most crucial step in the project. We are getting awfully furious, when clients are trying to explainin a hurry what to do. Yes, we have already learned to readsomeone’sthoughts:)
Most clients are not able to make a task. For various reasons: can not, do not want, or both. In such situations, as artists we are obliged to help them. All chewing and putting it in their mouth, or tons of edits are inevitable.
Better to spend five days for making a task and 2 days for a work, than an hour for making a task and a week for remaking and making it even worse.

Problems must be solved at the stage of their appearance - the principle that works everywhere. In computer graphics, either.
Please , write literate, simple and beautiful technical tasks.