Work with the money

Unwrap - is a process of rolling out a texture.
Here we will expand our thoughts about the industry of the CG and life in general.
This topic goes back generations, namely to 1917, when socialism suddenly took place. What I’m driving at is that a lot of generations of Soviet people were brought up the idea that money was  something bad and dirty, one not to be talked about. In artists’ environment, these thoughts were cultured more intensively. Cultural workers were given the title, datchas, holiday packages, and the like. Money was not accepted to be granted. Moreover, there was nothing to spend them on. As a result, we have a kind of a taboo subject, much like sex (which was absent at that time, as you know).

A shy artist is often embarrassed to ask, "Where is my money???"
In this case a bold-faced employer does not hesitate to ask, "Where are pictures / videos, and so on?"
So, dear artists, do not hesitate to ask for money and remind of them almost every day. Since you are asked the same result by an employer every day. Market relations have existed for a long time, there is nothing to feel confused about.

Well, dear project managers, do understand modesty of creative people and remind them of money not forcing opponents to raise this "confusing" questions. And everyone will be happy, I suppose.