Two days

Unwrap - is a process of rolling out a texture.
Here we will expand our thoughts about the industry of the CG and life in general.
Dear customers, those who want to make a 3D-graphics in 2 days!
It's impossible.
If this is more or less a serious project (not just a  render of the extruded logo), a chain of a client , a brand-manager, an account-agency, an art director, a production is not flexible enough to do something normal in such a short deadline.
2 days work can be done if the main boss of a client and an art director would take sits on either sides of a performer, would properly advise, bring a tea and put a quiet music. Otherwise, the project wouldtake more time, a weekat least, and the quality of the result might be below the average or even worse. There might be nerves, excuses, and other shit you know
to Sum it up: if an agency asks you to do something in 2 days - refuse. Or ask a week, whatever they would weave about giving it to printing, the failure of an advertising campaign, and all that crap. Anyway, the project will last for a week