Technical Task

Unwrap - is a process of rolling out a texture.
Here we will expand our thoughts about the industry of the CG and life in general.
A task properly prepared increases the quality of the work in a few times and significantly reduces the time of execution. This is the first and most crucial step in the project. We are getting awfully furious, when clients are trying to explainin a hurry what to do. Yes, we have already learned to readsomeone’sthoughts:)
Most clients are not able to make a task. For various reasons: can not, do not want, or both. In such situations, as artists we are obliged to help them. All chewing and putting it in their mouth, or tons of edits are inevitable.
Better to spend five days for making a task and 2 days for a work, than an hour for making a task and a week for remaking and making it even worse.

Problems must be solved at the stage of their appearance - the principle that works everywhere. In computer graphics, either.
Please , write literate, simple and beautiful technical tasks.