Payment in advance

Unwrap - is a process of rolling out a texture.
Here we will expand our thoughts about the industry of the CG and life in general.
One day a customer told me that taking a payment in advance is a money borrowing. And, as though, it is wrong, and all that crappy stuff, you know. 
We explain: products that are made in our creative field ain’t those of conveyor production. Each work is unique and  done for a particular client. In other words, roughly speaking, a watch with "John Doe" engraved doesn’t givea  fuck for Peter Sidorov. Accordingly, if an act of God happens, a sort of scam or anything of a client, the job and your time might turn out to be just useless and needless. Therefore, a payment in advance is necessary, so anyone who wants to work without any guaranteeis supposed to be sent to a far-away erotic journey