Here, from time to time will appear news concerning us in particular and the world of creativity in general.

Students from interviewed few wireframe guys. It was very interesting :)


First trainees appeared in our team. Work is going well :) If you want to have an internship and gain experience - send the link to your works and little story about you on

mosquito on motion weekend

Mosquito's speech on motion weekend


Two guys from our team have done an incredibly cool cartoon, which has already started its triumphal march on festivals :)


Come for a visit to the Accord Digital - to meet and share experiences in project management

Motion weekend

Michael [mosquito] Grushenkov will
speak on Motion Weekend with a 
lecture about customer relationships


Our guys are so cool that started producing skateboards!

New works

See our new works in the "Projects" — enjoy

Mai Thai

Our supervisor Victor packs bags to Thailand to work on filming video for which our studio will do
some postproduction


We've got Award on!



We would like to congratulate Zwill on the award at!

Reel 2012

Enjoy our new reel!