Here, from time to time will appear news concerning us in particular and the world of creativity in general.

Royalty and Tosha did a incredible cartoon, which was appreciated by many animation festivals. Happy viewing :)

Reel 2014

New wireframe's reel, enjoy!

Manej mapping

Come and check it out projection on the Manege building! Video from Triumph studio with the participation of From the 3rd to the 7th of January, 17:00 to 22:00


Wireframe studio have completed work on group of shots for the movie "Viy". Watch it in cinemas soon and look for us in the credits :)


Tomorrow in Estonia they will learn all about CG in Russia

Red Jolbors fest

Mikhail Grushenkov went to Bishkek to take place among the members of the jury of the festival Red Jolbors fest and give a lecture about the CG in Russia.


Students from interviewed few wireframe guys. It was very interesting :)


First trainees appeared in our team. Work is going well :) If you want to have an internship and gain experience - send the link to your works and little story about you on

mosquito on motion weekend

Mosquito's speech on motion weekend


Two guys from our team have done an incredibly cool cartoon, which has already started its triumphal march on festivals :)


Come for a visit to the Accord Digital - to meet and share experiences in project management

Motion weekend

Michael [mosquito] Grushenkov will
speak on Motion Weekend with a 
lecture about customer relationships