Here, from time to time will appear news concerning us in particular and the world of creativity in general.
Doing project for Snoop Dogg! Appropriate theme, dreamed of it for long time
Moscow Urban Forum
Made videowall and cool hologram for the goverment of Moscow on Moscow Urban Forum – welcome and enjoy.)
World Class
We made a lot of beautiful CG for World Class 25 anniversary show
Face of the Nation
We made mapping show for "Face of the nation" award.
Everything was wonderful especially with great Vivaldi music :) 

2000 Behance
Small jubilee – we have 2000 followers on Behance
Верещагин в Третьяковке
Exhibition "Vasily Vereshchagin" in the Tretyakov Gallery includes our video which illustrates the process of creating one of the artist's masterpieces
Деморил 2018
Enjoy our new reel!
Mapping in Munich
Made secret car presentation in Munich
Believe us, it was beautiful :) from Black eyed peas has recorded video with many thanx for our studio :)
You can watch our video about history of Moscow into Zaryadie museum - welcome! 
Expo 2017
Wireframe team headed to Astana - to prepare big show for Expo 2017, which will be viewed by presidents of 120 countries! :)
Making big and nice project for Marvel! :)